Dr. Text Technical Communication Ltd. provides professional documentation services for 
high-tech and defense industries. The company's areas of expertise include technical and 
marketing communication, online content, training materials, and translation.


History and present
Dr. Text was founded by Dani Ne'eman and Larry Imberman, two veteran technical communicators based in the Haifa area. Launched as a three-person venture in early 2001, the company has expanded into a team of 20 (on average), most of them employees.

Areas of activity
Dr. Text provides technical communication services mainly to high-tech and defense industries. 
The company's portfolio features projects in the areas of healthcare equipment, chip manufacture, most advanced defense technologies, application software, etc.

At Dr. Text we strive to produce useful documentation that is clear to the target audience. 
Our aim is to communicate information in language that is adapted to the readers and requires minimum effort to understand. 
We believe that our products should be:
• Clear and concise
• Accurate and verified
• User-friendly
• Tailored to client requirements
• Cost-effective

Our Mission

We are committed to:
• Providing high-quality technical communication products and services 
• Conducting business honestly 
• Cooperating with our team members to provide opportunities for fair wages, 
__continual growth, and work in an atmosphere of belonging and joy 
• Returning a fair profit 

Our Approach

Dr. Text’s dedication to clients comes from the conviction that if we give our clients the best possible service, they will continue giving us their business and will recommend us to others.

Choosing the right team
Because an organization is only as good as its people, Dr. Text is very selective when hiring. In choosing staff we focus on personality and talent. We are a team of highly skilled individuals who feel and work together like a family.

At Dr. Text we believe that transparency is a key element in successful relations. We present our customers with honest project estimates, and update them without delay with any new relevant information.

Giving each client the best possible product reflects Dr. Text's internal standards. The company takes pride in the quality of its products and will not allow inferior material to be associated with Dr. Text. We refuse to compromise our standards, even at the risk of losing a contract.

Quality supervision
An internal system of checks and balances is essential for project success. Our team members are involved in an ongoing process of guidance, coordination, and quality verification by peers and managers.

We do our utmost to bring every project to successful completion. If we make a mistake, we make the required corrections at own expense, even when doing so renders the project unprofitable to Dr. Text.

Our Work Model

Work ownership
We take responsibility for QA as well as for writing. We don’t just sub-contract to a freelancer.

Dedicated staff and team leaders
We build a team of dedicated staff (active and back-up) to match the magnitude of your documentation needs. This ensures that the team is familiar with your company’s technology and personnel, and lowers the cost of future projects. Each team has an expert team leader, who supports the team professionally and looks after what is important to you. 

Quality assurance
QA is built into every stage of the process (conceptualization, outlining, interviewing, writing, reviewing, finalizing).

Team support
We work as a team, supporting each other. Even when you see only one of us, you benefit from the power of the entire team.

Broad-based knowledge 
Our team has formal training and expertise in a variety of technical and intellectual fields including: computer science, programming, electronics, mathematics, electrical engineering, mechanical engineering, linguistics, training, graphic design, economics, and literature.

Sharpening our skills
People are our most valuable resource. We continue to invest in ongoing guidance and training in the newest methods and technologies.

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